2008. április 12., szombat

Limited Edition Tesla Roadster Available Spring 2009

Hi Tesla Enthusiast,

When you last contacted us we were selling our high performance, 100% electric Tesla Roadster only in the continental United States. We are now selling special limited edition Roadsters into Europe, starting in 2009. We originally planned on expanding into Europe much later, but several factors have allowed us to accelerate our expansion. Check out VP of Sales, Marketing and Service Darryl Siry's latest blog announcing the details and our April 9th press release.

This special limited edition will sell for €99,000 for a fully loaded car, to be delivered beginning in the spring of 2009. Similar to our early customers in the US, Europeans who reserve the car early will receive a special Signature edition version of the world’s most exclusive high-performance vehicle. For details on reserving this special edition Roadster contact Tesla at eurosales@teslamotors.com or call +1 650-413-6200.

In case you missed it, the Roadster has recently been reviewed by: AUTOBILD, Car & Driver, Automobile, Motor Trend, Road & Track, and Auto Week magazines - check out the reviews by clicking on the links.

Help us spread the word about Tesla’s European launch by notifying your local media and forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues. Visit our Media Center for images, videos and more.

Our first planned event in Europe will be at the Top Marques Monaco from April 24-27. Join us there to take a close look at the cars, introduce yourselves, and reserve your own.

We look forward to seeing you in Europe!

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