2008. április 19., szombat

Tesla Roadster in Europe - 100% electric roadster for $122,000

Hi Tesla Enthusiast,

Be the first to own a special edition Tesla Roadster in Europe!

Tesla Motors has announced limited availability of a special “Signature Edition” euro-spec Tesla Roadster. Only 250 of these limited edition cars will be delivered across Europe in 2009 beginning April, 2009. Reservations are being accepted now: contact Tesla at +1-650-413-6200 or by email at eurosales@teslamotors.com.

This limited run of 250 cars is priced at €99,000 (excluding VAT and other taxes) for a fully loaded, uniquely appointed car. Pricing for a fully loaded US edition 2009 Tesla Roadster has been announced at $122,000.

You will have the opportunity to see the Tesla Roadster on display for the first time in Europe at the Top Marques Monaco event from April 24-27. Join us there to take a close look at the cars, introduce yourselves, and reserve your own special “Signature Edition” euro-spec Roadster.

We are looking to fill our events calendar for Europe and will continue to let you know where you can find the Tesla Roadster on display in Europe in the future.

Find more information about the exclusive “Signature Edition” European-spec Tesla Roadsters on our website at www.teslamotors.com/eu.

Vice President Sales, Marketing and Service Darryl Siry talked about offering the Tesla Roadster in Europe on our blog.

We look forward to seeing you in Europe!

Tesla Motors
1050 Bing St
San Carlos, CA 94070

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