2008. június 1., vasárnap

Pupils go wild on spiked school dinners

Police in Russia are investigating after pupils stripped off, climbed walls or lay on the floor laughing after their school dinners were spiked with drugs.

The teenagers - aged 13 to 15 - were given ecstasy in their soup and drinks at their school in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in eastern Russia.

Teachers said it was as if the school had turned into "a lunatic asylum" after lunch.

Doctors called in said the pupils were showing signs of intoxication and prosecutors later found traces of ecstasy.

Tatyana Kutuzov, spokeswoman for the Sakhalin prosecutor's office, said: "An investigation is underway after our experts established that the water contained traces of opiates and amphetamines, which are known components of the drug ecstasy."

Source: Ananova

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