2011. november 14., hétfő

DuvDev Please STOP, you are killing Infected Mushroom!

I am just an average fan, but Infected Mushroom made huge effect on my life, thus I have this domain as well. :P

I've seen you in live several times in the last 10 years on various locations @ Europe, but mostly in Hungary of course. I dislike DuvDev forcing this 'front man' thing from the very beginning, but now I go ahead and say that if this continues, Infected will be over as you are scaring away your big time fans, who Do Love you since 1996..

Duvdev, here's my message for you: Please make a rock/punk band and fulfill your front man addiction with them. Dude, just check the Infected Mushroom live videos on youtube: your voice is not good enough to do this work well with IM... You are destroying the pleasure of listening to IM... :( You can ignore thoughts like this but man, I am not alone.. Absolutely not..

I am curious if Erez is encouraging you or not...

Probably you are doing it because you think that people need the show, the entire rock band, etc to make your music work.. I tell you: it was better when you both were just standing behind the equipment. True PsyHeads and trance fans don't give a shit about wtf is going on on the stage they are there for the MUSIC! Duvdev, your raw voice is bad. You can't sing well. If you want to continue with this, at least distort the voice / play with effects, etc, but don't let us hear the raw voice!

Hey fans, I am looking forward to hear your thoughts on this pro and contra!

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


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Antal Dániel írta...

I totally agree, plus 4/4 was also missing (not completely) from the last show - this was not most people paid for...

Cherry írta...

Absolutely true! I saw Infected Mushroom live about 10 times, but since DuvDev is playing this front man-singer role, the quality of the sets are getting worse and worse. I just dream about acts/sets as for example @Fullmoon Festival 2004...:(

Névtelen írta...

Totally aggree!!!
Edward (ex vmi:)

Blogger írta...

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